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MessageSujet: Règlement    Règlement  EmptySam 11 Avr 2020 - 3:33

AGoT World Cup 2020


Nations will submit teams of 9 with up to 3 substitutes
The decks have 1 Agenda per team, the Mystery Knight will need to be a different agenda than the doubled up faction.
Each team will be composed of each faction and a Mystery Knight “double up” faction.
If a substitution is required the sub must play the submitted deck of the person they are subbing for, a sub cannot play more than 2 games each round.
https://discord.gg/vgbqzvW For scheduling purposes, grabbing streamers/recordings and for having a central hub of communication I have created a discord server. You may use any method of communication to set up the games, preferably communicating when games are in case people want to stream.
When signing up you will assign each clan a number 1-9
When playing your 1 seat will play the opponents 1 seat and the same goes for 2,3 etc...
Stage 1 of the world cup will be swiss with a cut decided on after I see the number of teams signed up, swiss length will also be decided then. After swiss the top X teams will be seeded into a single elimination bracket.
The decklists will be public facing and open information.


Games will be timed 90 minutes using the in-game timer on theironthrone.net. If the game goes to time, please use the official tiebreaker rules of AGoT.
If you feel you are being slow played or your opponent is stalling please reach out, and try and get some video. I take slow play/stalling very seriously.
If there are issues with scheduling please reach out to me and I will do my best to alleviate these issues. Use your subs.
If a match is not played due to scheduling issues a win will be awarded to the player who I deem to have been more available. If that cannot be determined it will be a double loss.
If a player is late to a scheduled time they will be given a loss once they are 20+ minutes late. If a player is late by 10-19 minutes they will be given a warning, repeat tardiness warnings will be escalated.
If a player disconnects during a match they will be given a loss if they are disconnected for 15+ minutes, unless their opponent agrees to a regame.
If the server goes down during a game it will be a remake unless one team concedes. If the game is recorded or streamed it can be sent to arbitration on grounds of  “we were going to win for sure,” and an admin will review it.
If there is any proof of more outside assistance it will result in the nation being disqualified, seriously please don’t cheat.
If you play a deck that does not match your submitted list it is a game loss for an illegal deck.
A player can only play a max of 2 matches per round.
The Alliance Banner counts as both Alliance and towards the banners used in regards to the 1 agenda per team cap.
This will be the Ruleset for the event - LIST


The goal is to get every match streamed and recorded, if you have a scheduled match please post in #media to organize a streamer.
All streamers from all nations are encouraged to create media for this event.
If there is anything I missed please let me know i’ll add it to the documentation. Comments, questions or concerns please post or PM me.

All rulings are subject to change and admins have the final saying based on any issues presented.


Dernière édition par Gabryel le Dim 12 Avr 2020 - 14:48, édité 1 fois
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MessageSujet: Re: Règlement    Règlement  EmptySam 11 Avr 2020 - 3:35

Les "grosses" différences par rapport à l'année dernière :

Match de 90 minutes (55 l'année dernières)
1 agenda par équipe (et si c'est un deck alliance, les agendas qui comptent sont alliance + les 2 bannières utilisées).
Que 3 remplaçants (5 l'année dernière)
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Garde de Nuit de Paris

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MessageSujet: Re: Règlement    Règlement  EmptyDim 12 Avr 2020 - 12:59

Gabryel: est-ce que tu peux éditer le premier post ici pour ajouter un lien vers la restricted list?
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MessageSujet: Re: Règlement    Règlement  Empty

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